St John's in the Village Australia Day Concert [Webcast]

Australian performers join together in helping newly arrived refugees in the USA. A webcast of String Quartet #1: "Sfidare" in celebration of Australia to support "Ads-Up", US charity helping refugees from Australian detention camps on Nauru and Manus Island build new lives for themselves here in the USA.

Event webcast can be found here: 


Zodiac Virtual Festival 2020

Delighted to be invited to record a short video and share the 2018 performance of Sfidare as part of Zodia’s 2020 Virtual Festival.


Zodiac Academy & Festival (July 2018)

Valdeblore, Nice, France

A two-week festival set in the French Alps outside of Nice. The festival involved extensive rehearsals with the festival’s string quartet and the subsequent premiere of String Quartet #1: Sfidare. Each day we participated in seminars, presenting our music to each other in addition to receiving instrumentation lectures from faculty. The composition program was overseen by Prof. Andrew List of Berklee Conservatory with whom I also received a number of private lessons. During the festival, there was a performance of Fugue No.1 in G Minor and my own quartet arrangement of Schumann’s Kinderszenen No. 1 for string quartet, at a salon-style concert for the other participants.


String Quartet #1

Year: 2018 (rev. 2019)
Duration: 9'00" (rev.11'00")
String Quartet OR String Orchestra