Australian Youth Orchestra Sound Engineering Program (January 2016)

National Music Camp, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

A two-week intensive course in sound engineering mentored by Andrew Dixon, formerly of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Two candidates are selected nationwide for the program and each day record and produce live recordings of Australian Youth Orchestra concerts, as well as the chamber concerts of the participants and faculty. We are also responsible for live broadcasting select concerts direct to national radio on the ABC, working with their producers.

Australian Youth Orchestra Sound Production Website

West Australian Symphony Orchestra Composition Project (Feb-Jun 2015)

Perth, Western Australia

Selected as one of four artists for a six-month program preparing a new work for Sinfonietta, “Euler’s Music”, for the Education Chamber Orchestra (EChO) under the guidance of James Ledger. The program involved an extremely generous amount of rehearsals and workshops with the Chamber Orchestra as well as private lessons with Ledger working on the work. The program also included the arrangement of a Debussy Prelude for the ensemble. The program culminated in the premiere of Euler’s Music at The John Inverarity Music & Drama Centre.


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West Australian Symphony Orchestra International Artist Masterclass (May 2015)

Masterclass with Mark-Anthony Turnage, Perth, Western Australia
“Euler’s Music” was performed by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra Chamber Ensemble prior to its premiere in a masterclass with Mark-Anthony Turnage at ABC 720 Studios in South Perth. The masterclass consisted of Turnage offering specific feedback about the work and workshopping sections.

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Tura New Music 9th Totally Huge New Music Festival (September 2009)

Perth, Western Australia

A festival featuring the performance of an early quartet “Rain” for oboe, violin, cello and piano as part of the “Sonic Discourse” concert at the West Australian Museum. In addition to the performance of my work, I participated in seminars, lectures and workshops with other composers and guest artists.