Year: 2013 (Revised 2014)

Duration: Approx. 5’00”

Instrumentation: Piano

Commissioned in 2013 by St George’s College for the inauguration of the College’s Knight Piano (Fazioli 278 concert grand) and the commencement of the St George’s College Concert Series.


*WORLD PREMIERE: March, 2013 by Adam Pinto at the St George’s College Concert Series Inaugural Concert in the Hackett Dinning Hall at St George’s College within the University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia

*North American Premiere: March, 2017 by Catherine Ma at Tuesday Night New Music at the New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, USA

*Performed 2014, by Adam Pinto at the private reception of Richard Goyder, CEO of Wesfarmers at St George’s College, UWA, Perth Western Australia

*Performed November 2014, by Adam Pinto for Portraits of the University of Western Australia, St George’s College, Perth, Western Australia


“Youth” was commissioned by St George’s College and first performed by Adam Pinto to celebrate the acquisition of the College’s Fazioli concert grand piano, and the commencement of the College’s concert series. The work is a showpiece embodying the hope, excitement and optimism associated with youth – it is in essence a musical portrait of active young student minds energetically buzzing and ticking away.

The work is driven forward by a ‘perpetuum mobile’, a rapid ticking fabric of clustered notes from which melodic fragments increasingly emerge, growing one note at time until eventually an entire melody is stated plainly and with confidence (though also flippantly at times).

I wish to dedicate this work to the Knight Family, as a gesture of my appreciation for their generosity in supporting my residency at the College.


The work was premiered Sunday 10th of March 2013 as the inaugural work to be performed to the public for the St George’s College Concert Series and new Fazioli 278 concert grand piano. It was attended by an audience of over 200 people crammed into the Hackett Dining Hall at St George’s College.



Portraits of The University of Western Australia was a concert and photographic exhibit that presented a series of musical portraits of various aspects of the University and university life from throughout my time as an undergraduate.

The event was held on November 2, 2014 and was attended by the University Chancellor Michael Chaney and Emeritus Chancellor Alex Cohen. The photographs from the exhibit remain on display in the Elsey Room of St George’s College, Western Australia.

Portraits of UWA- The Peacock - Web
Portraits of UWA - Reflection Pond-web


The World Premiere and subsequent two performances were given by Adam Pinto.



The North American Premiere of Youth was given by Catherine Ma on the April 4, 2017 at the New England Conservatory, Boston.

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