Year: 2019

Duration: Approx. 10’00”

Instrumentation: Flute, Bb Clarinet, Violin & Violoncello

Commissioned as part of the 2019 Commissioning Campaign.
Written For Hub New Music at Connecticut Summerfest 2019, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


*WORLD PREMIERE: June, 2019 by Hub New Music at Connecticut Summerfest 2019, Hartt School of Music, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.
*February, 2021 by The Faculty of Keene State College Music Department, Keene State College, New Hampshire, USA.
*October, 2021, by Con Vivo Musica at Departed Soles Brewery, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
*October, 2021 by Indiana State University Faculty at Landini Center For The Performing Arts at the 55th Annual Contemporary Music Festival, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 


*WINNER Keene State College 2020 International Call for Scores Competition
*WINNER 2021 Indiana State University 55th Annaul Contemporary Music Festival Music Now Contest
*Semifinalist of Kaleidoscope 2020 Call for Scores


“A Curious Misadventure” has undergone six title changes over the course of its composition. The spirit of this work stemmed from my own feelings of excitement, awe and wonder (with a hint of danger) watching Space-X launch and land three rocket boosters for the first time. I remember a sense of adventure, cautiousness, fear, and eventually loneliness as the small payload of the rocket took off and then hurtled into orbit, looking insignificant and lost amid the scope of the greater universe behind it. While these sets of feelings and experiences were a map, the piece took on a character of its own as it unfolded. This perhaps echoed my own journey to America which was full of a similar excitement and fear, and feelings of insignificance and being lost in the vastness of New York City. The work shifted towards becoming more contemplative of a journey of mishaps, persistence and unexpected beauty, rather than something explicitly prescriptive or programmatic.


The commissioning and world premiere of “A Curious Misadventure” at Connecticut Summerfest was made possible by the 2019 Commissioning Campaign. Thank you to all those who supported the campaign.

Located here is the campaign video and concert program of the premiere. The debrief video will be coming shortly!



It was a pleasure working with Boston-based Hub New Music at Connecticut Summerfest for the premiere of “A Curious Misadventure.”