Why I click

Hello! Yes – I’m a photographer too!

I really enjoy working with people and organizations to capture the beauty and spirit of a moment, a person or an idea. I’m humbled to so often be entrusted to record and witness the proclamations of a prime minister or the visions of a CEO or the graduation of a student from their first degree; the performance of a classical music superstars or a violinist’s first concerto; the event an organization has worked on for the past 6 months, or that headshot someone needed to help win their dream job; the first days of a newborn, the joining of two families in marriage, or the last record of a life well lived; the gathering of thousands or the gathering of just that one. I get to be there for all of it, and it certainly is a buzz when they say: “that’s it! that’s the one!” or “this is me!”

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So how can I help you?

The special moments are usually special because they don’t happen twice. I’m here so that those who have seen cannot forget, and those who haven’t can know.
My work focuses chiefly on event and concert photography, headshots and portraits, and helping artists develop images for their portfolio. If you have been looking through this site already, most of the artwork is my own, though to give you an idea of my work I have created an online portfolio which can be found below.

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The Credentials

Over nearly a decade, Michael has established himself as a highly reputable and trusted international freelance photographer, helping bring visibility to the stories of countless individuals, artists, and organisations as they spread their message, brand, and special moments across Australia and the United States. Though quite different to music, Michael finds photography to be an extension of the broader artistic principles and logic that give shape to his compositions.  thrHis work has largely focused on live events, concerts, portraiture and marketing photography, and has featured in the publications and content of The West Australian, The Sunday Times, The Post, The Western Suburbs Weekly, Perth Concert Hall, Fazioli Pianos, Musica Viva Australia, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the University of Western Australia, The Georgian magazine, the Rotary Club of Western Australia, New England Conservatory, the Australian American Association, the General Sir John Monash Foundation, the Australian Youth Orchestra, the University of Sydney, the United Church in the City and more.


 “Michael Grebla was very professional and I love how my portraits turned out, I used them for all my professional work as well as for profile photos on social media! The photos reflect the warmth and professionalism I want to portray in my work and in my applications for competitive programs. Working with him it is very clear that he has a lot of experience and a great artistic eye.”

Julia Mclean
Violist at Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Indiana, US

Artist Portfolio | Portraiture

“Through his photography Michael contributed enormously to the College. The combination of his aesthetic awareness, technical precision, and perseverance made for images that were meaningful and nuanced. They were an important aspect of our College promotion through magazines, our website and promotional materials.”

Ian Hardy
Warden & CEO of St George’s College
Perth, Australia

Event | Marketing | Portraiture | Live Music

 “Michael Grebla is a skilled and insightful photographer. He is easy to work with and takes a collaborative approach towards photography sessions. I highly recommend him for any variety of shooting scenarios.”

Welvin Potter
Oboist & Historical Winds at The Juilliard School
New York City, United States

Artist Portfolio