"I feel at the heart of my work is finding the beauty of being human and helping others do the same. It's the pursuit of truth through the unabashed examination of the human experience, and the act abstract expression, distilling that truth into a cross section of the spirit so potent it is failed by all other mediums. and in doing so  other way helping others to do the same.and through this process enabling others the map of expressing their truth. Facilitating the communion of spirits.The truth that exists in my soul, and the truth that exists in yours, and the person next to you - the truths that constitute our collective identity as one race, united by our commonalities....., and that through our shared identity build communities of individuals"

Michael is Western Australian freelance composer working internationally and based primarily in Manhattan, New York. He focuses principally on concert music, working with chamber music groups and filmmakers internationally. His music endeavours to create meaningful and inclusive cultural experiences, drawing influences from tradition and the present with an emphasis on audience engagement. His recent works have dealt with ideas of journey, displacement, transience and spirituality, reflecting in part on his own experience as an immigrant.



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